HEART & CHERRY create and thoughtfully curate original and iconic contemporary limited prints and objects. Building a space of today’s collectors, curators and creators HEART & CHERRY honours rare cultural artifacts, their provenance and intrinsic relevance to bring you the best in contemporary art.

HEART & CHERRY was founded by Zita Sárvári in 2020

  • to provide a conceptually driven and contextually aware platform for limited edition prints and objects
  • to re-establish the prestige of multiples artifacts
  • to bring the public closer to the genre of limited editions and dispel misconceptions about it
  • to democratize art in all level


Each year the project works with a different young contemporary artist, giving them the opportunity to try out a new art form (2020 - Zsófi Barabás, Zsuzsa Moizer, Márton Nemes, 2021 - József Csató, 2022 - Márk Fridvalszki, Ádám Dallos, Júlia Néma, Péter Puklus, 2023 - Zsófi Barabás, Botond Keresztesi).

At the Budapest Contemporary art fair 2023, HEART & CHERRY will showcase young emerging artists. Martin Góth and Dániel Fazekas' work is guided by the symbolism of the cyber environment, the constant dialogue between digital and analogue, pop culture elements, commercial products, logos and cultural memes. Bence Magyarlaki's organic abstract sculptures reinforce the concept of the stand with a topical body-political theme and cover the latest and most exciting developments in contemporary Hungarian art.

There will also be objects by Judit Kis, characterizing sensitive themes of care and healing, and paintings by Péter Puklus, emphasizing mainly inner feelings and ideas through simplified forms, vivid colours, gestures and brushstrokes.



1012 Budapest Mikó utca 3.

Phone: +36 20 219 4624

E-mail: zitasarvari@gmail.com, heartandcherrylimitededitions@gmail.com

Web: https://heartandcherry.com/



Monday-Friday 10-15 and by appointment