Faur Zsófi Gallery and Publishing

As an iconic exhibition space on Béla Bartók Road, the primary goal of the Faur Zsófi Gallery is to promote Hungarian contemporary art and integrate it into the international art scene through its active presence at art fairs abroad and by building partnerships with foreign galleries.

At the beginning of the 21st century, in the flood of visual forms and signs, only a professional contemporary art gallery can offer a handhold for orientation and selection. The mission of the Faur Zsófi Gallery and Publishing, operating since 2001, is to represent and present the cutting edge of Hungarian and international contemporary art in accordance with its own aesthetic and market-approved investment aspects. The secrets of quality are expertise, more than two decades of experience and a selected range of art, in which the special intersection of raw, instinctive creativity and high artistic quality can be recognised and identified.

The Faur Zsófi Gallery strives to appeal to the widest possible audience, as the works of art show their true face in a living, bustling space full of people; and to be an intellectual and aesthetic space, a constantly vibrant "cultural space" to which people return again and again.

At the BUDAPEST CONTEMPORARY stand, we will offer a contemporary cross-section of works by renowned Hungarian artists represented by the gallery, as well as international artists - paintings, sculptures, photographs - who respond to current artistic issues with different approaches, but all with sensitivity.

Planned exhibiting artists:

Anya Belyat-Giunta

Péter Borkovics

Ferenc Forrai

Áron Gábor

György Gáti

György Jovián

Dániel Kiss

Gyula Konkoly

Szabolcs Szolnoki


Faur Zsófi Gallery and Publishing

Address: 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 25.

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E-mail: info@galeriafaur.hu

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