Ani Molnár Gallery

Ani Molnár Gallery is one of the most internationally active galleries in Budapest. In addition to Hungarian artists, the gallery also collaborates with foreign artists and is committed to supporting the talents of the younger generation. The gallery's professional programme aims to create a platform for contemporary art trends through exhibitions, domestic and international art fairs, institutional collaborations and contacts with collectors. The artists represented, without restrictions in terms of content, genre or medium, work both within the traditional framework of painting and create conceptual works based on photography and installation.

Ani Molnár Gallery will present a selection of works reflecting the diversity of its activities and its artistic community at the 2023 Budapest Contemporary art fair. The works on the gallery's stand will be representative of both the geometric and lyrical abstraction genres emphasised within the gallery's work. As well as exploring the possibilities of new geometry and new media phenomena, there will also be conceptually oriented works that problematise currents social, cultural and artistic issues, from both local and foreign artists.


The exhibiting artists include

Carlos Aires

Zsolt Asztalos

Emese Benczúr

Péter Botos

Balázs Csizik

András Ernszt

Erika Fábián

Péter Forgács

István Haász

Gusztáv Hámos

Tamás Konok

Sándor Körei

Bence Marafkó

Péter Mátyási

Radenko Milak

Reinhard Roy

Gyula Sági

Péter Somody

Tamás Waliczky

András Wolsky


Ani Molnár Gallery

Address: 1088 Budpaest Bródy Sándor u. 36.




Phone: +36 30 300 80 19, +36 30 212 80 80