Zsdrál Art Gallery opened its doors to the public in Pécs back in 2018 with the intention of highlighting local artists.

The ceramics has been the focus of our dealership for the first 10 years. As a consequence what we have on display is lead by ceramic artists. To complement this, we also have brought in lyrical and specific geometric painters and sculptors.

Our mission is to exhibit applied arts and fine arts at the same time, crossing genre boundaries and forming a unity. We have showcased this very philosophy at our art fairs and exhibitions in recent years.

While the paintings, ceramics and other works of art on display in the gallery are mostly made by critically acclaimed artists we also aspire to create a platform for emerging creators.


Exhibiting artists:

Ferenc Lantos

Pálma Babos

Péter Botos

Erika Rejka

József Gettó


Elemér Soltra

József Zalavári

Anita Jenei

Contact informations

Zsdrál-Art Gallery

Address: 8230 Balatonfüred, Zákonyi utca 5-8.


Website: www.zsdralart.com

E-mail: info@zsdralart.com

Márkó Zsdral: +3630 312 4505

Veszna Zsdral: +3630 357 2782