Resident Art Gallery

The Resident Art contemporary gallery started its operation in 2016. For the first three years, it has been operating as an apartment gallery on Andrássy út, and since 2022 in the Lumen ház in Horánszky utca. The two curators, art historian János Schneller and painter Ákos Bánki, have been shaping the profile of the gallery together since 2018. They mainly work with young and up-and-coming visual artists, but among the artists they represent also artists who are no longer alive. The aim of the gallery is to discover and support young talents and to interpret contemporary art for those who are interested in it but do not find a connection to this world. To this end, the Resident Art Fair series was launched in 2018. Since than the art fairs are held twice a year, which is a place for young and up-and-coming artists to exhibit and sell in large numbers. Many beginners enter the contemporary art market through the art fair. This is a kind of army review, where the buyers and collectors can personally meet the latest trends in contemporary art. In addition to individual exhibitions, more than a dozen contemporary art fairs have been held in various locations over the past five years. In 2019, the Garten Balaton contemporary art festival was established, where in the past four years, in addition to fine art exhibitions, numerous contemporary art events and educational programs have been organized on the northern shore of Lake Balaton (Lovas, Felsőörs, Csopak). Their important merit in the field of multyiplied graphics, that they brought the technique of screen printing back to the contemporary art market. In cooperation with young artists, they published thematic screenprint folders for the first time in Hungary in a long time (2020, 2021, 2023), and sell a large number of graphics by domestic and international artists. In addition to young artists, they also take care of closed life works. They researching and working on the presentation and publication the artworks of András Braun and Sándor Molnár, as well as Endre Hortobágyi, one of the large-format artists of post-World War II abstract art. They organize 8-10 individual and group exhibitions per year, and cooperate with non-profit and for-profit exhibition spaces, galleries and auction houses. "We are proud to interpret contemporary fine art authentically for interested art lovers. Many people bought their first unique work of art from our gallery, and many of them entered the closed world of fine art through us." - say the curators.


Exhibiting artists:

Ákos Bánki

Barnabás Benkő

András Braun

Endre Hortobágyi

Konrád Kaszás

Attila Kondor

Panni Marosi

Enikő Márton

Dávid Németh

Eszter Ronga

Barbara Szlávik

Attila Stark

Stefan Osnowski

Géza Szöllősi


Resident Art Gallery

Address: 1085 Budapest, Horánszky u. 5.

Open: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 1-6pm, Saturday 10am-1pm








Ákos Bánki Phone: +36 70 223 9166

János Schneller Phone: +36 30 590 5327


Gallery assistant:

Hajna Tóth Phone: +36 20 546 2083