Három Hét Gallery

The Három Hét Gallery is one of the oldest galleries in the cultural centre of Újbuda.

Opened in 2010, the gallery focuses on the geometric - concrete direction.

Present-day geometric art in Hungary is characterized by a certain freshness, vigour, exhilaration and joy of life. This is the experience that Három Hét Gallery is intent on sharing with art lovers in cooperation with OSAS (Open Structures Art Society).

The exhibitions of this gallery aim to preserve the continuity of the geometric-concrete art tendency, demonstrating its existence at a high standard. The gallery primarily supports that create in this vein, it helps the presentation of their works in a proper context, as well as encourages them to take novel approaches. It also aims concerned promoting and operating international relations.

Professional advice is provided by Dóra Maurer and other members of the OSAS, internationally acknowledged artists whose works can be found in major institutional and private collections both in Hungary and abroad.


Exhibiting artists:

Levente Bálványos

Barna Benedek

Beti Bricelj

Katalin Haász

Viktor Hulík

Ágnes Kontra

Anett Takács

Contact information:

Három Hét Gallery

Address: Budapest, Bartók Béla út 37, 1114

Phone: +36 70 866 4222

Fb: www.facebook.com/haromhet